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Distribution to Beatport

Beatport is the recognized leader in electronic dance music downloads for DJs and club music enthusiasts.


Beatport does not offer any advertising and the releases they feature are recommended by their label reps. It is impossible to “pay” and have your release featured. You can better your chances on having a release added to a slide or banner by providing the following with your submissions:

Dj Reactions
Brief promotions strategy

Basically you want to “sell your releases” to them . The more reviews, press, and dj reactions you have the better your chances are on a feature or banner.


We distribute everything.

Organizing Content

Getting your content ready for distribution is simple and easy. However it may take a little time initially if you have a large amount of back catalog.

Preparing Your Releases

All releases are generated using a desktop application.
The application prepares and packages your release for Beatport. Some Cutz Up Aggregation then takes that package, along with your information, and submits to Beatport. No changes can be made once your release has been packaged. So please make sure all your information is correct before submitting.

  • Use Some Cutz Up Aggregation for the ‘Company Name’ field
  • All wav files must be in the following format: 16 Bit 44 KHZ
  • Release titles may not contain artist information
  • Legal names of artists must be used for songwriter fields. Do not use the same artist name as listed on Beatport, unless it is their legal name
  • ISRC codes must be CAPITALIZED
  • Beatport does not offer the option to choose your preview start and stop times

ISRC and UPC Codes

As of April 6th 2012 Beatport requires all labels to use an ISRC code. Codes can be obtained from: http://www.ifpi.org/content/section_resources/isrc_agencies.html.
Some Cutz Up Aggregation does not supply ISRC codes.

UPC codes are not required and are optional.

Submitting Your Releases

After your releases are created you will need to submit the folder(s) to Some Cutz Up Aggregation using the FTP login information that was created for you. All submissions are sent via FTP and FTP ONLY. We do not accept direct links, sendspace, Rapidshare, etc. You will need to use an FTP client. We highly recommend using FileZilla. It’s free, easy to use, and is both PC and MAC compatible:


The majority of our labels use this application for all of their submissions without any troubles.

Submitting Your Press

Reviews, press, and DJ reactions are encouraged for your releases.
Increase your chances on getting your releases featured by providing DJ reactions. Beatport receives over 5000 tracks per week. Make yours stand out with feedback. Yes, it may cost you money upfront using a promotion service, but if the reactions are positive it should pay off.
When submitting your reactions please remember the following:

  • Rename all documents using the same names as your release folders. For example if your folder name is Cold Busted – BUSTED20 – 2010-02-24 your document should be Cold Busted – BUSTED20 – 2010-02-24.pdf or .doc
  • Remove any negative feedback and only list the positive
  • Submit all feedback in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format on Thursday no later than 12:00 PM Denver time 2 weeks before the actual release date

Every Friday the label reps submit releases which they would like to see featured based on reactions and press etc.

Release Dates

Releases are due every week on Thursday by 12:00 PM Denver time. Click on the ‘Release Schedule’ link to find the current time in Denver along with the release schedule. You can deliver your content to us at any time, but remember we only submit content to Beatport on Thursdays.

Beatport requires 7 business days (Monday – Friday) from the date of delivery to get it on the site.
Remember Reviews, Press, and DJ reactions are due  Thursday by 12:00 PM Denver time  2 weeks before the actual release date.

Some Cutz Up Aggregation HIGHLY recommends releasing your tracks with a Wednesday release date. This has been proven the most effective release day of the month on Beatport.

It is extremely important you understand the release schedule.
If you fail to schedule your release sooner than the required time your release will be rejected.

Your First Submission

Beatport will always require 7 working days for new releases; however, it may take up to 90 days for your back catalog. Please do not start with back catalog for your first submissions. The majority of users on Beatport find releases using the ‘New Release’ button making your newly added label hard to find if only old releases are submitted.

Notification Of Your Submissions

After you have sent in your releases please email us with the EXACT folder name. Please be sure you are uploading the folder as generated by the desktop app. Do not make any changes whatsoever to the folder or its contents once generated.

  1. Do not zip your folders!
  2. Once your release has been packaged we cannot make any changes
  3. We will not know about your release unless the folder name has been emailed to us

*Include a brief note that includes dj reactions, tour info, or any relevant information.

Folder Examples

Examples on what your folder may look like after created using the desktop app:

Cold Busted – BUSTED20 – 2010-02-24
3345 Music – TTFF33101 – 2008-07-15

Beatport Promotion Links

Here are a few links to help with promoting your releases:

Beatport Player Generator:

Beatport Banner Generator:


Payments are made quarterly within 60 days. Detailed statements are provided. 20% charge for our services. 100% honest with all royalties. Please read ‘About’ for more information on our company.

No set up fees
No cancellation fees
No hidden fees
No minimum payouts *
No invoicing needed

* Each and every label sold on Beatport is required to net $500.00 USD quarterly. Failure to meet this requirement will result in termination. This is standard for all accounts. If you have any doubts your label will not make the $500.00 USD requirement, please re-think your current marketing and promotions plan and apply later. There are NO minimums required by Some Cutz Up Aggregation.


2011-Q4 Gross Total = $1000.000

-40% Beatport Fee = $600.00

-20% Some Cutz Up Aggregation Fee = $480.00 Net Label Share

Currently Beatport’s reporting tool for sales figures, Baseware, allows only for 1 username/password login per account. Please note access cannot be granted to this tool as every label is under the same account. Up to the minute figures can be provided when requested on a reasonable basis.

Detailed excel statements are emailed at the end of each quarter. These are identical statements provided to all labels dealing direct with Beatport.

All payments via PayPal are automatic. Every quarter you will receive a ‘Notification of payment received’ email along with payment directly to your PayPal account. There is no need to invoice us.

Official PayPal Seal

Questions about payments? Check out our Label Payment Schedule document HERE.

Not happy with your current aggregator and are already on Beatport? Switch over to Some Cutz Up Aggregation. If you are paying more than 20% for aggregation services you are paying too much. Please contact us for more information.

Some Cutz Up Aggregation does not provide any type of promotional services. It is up to the label owner to promote their products. Better promotions equal a higher chance to get your content featured.

Additional Information



An electronic contract is used to establish service. A one (1) year minimum contract is required automatically renewable for successive one (1) year periods unless one party notifies the other party in writing thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the Term.




Cut UpA reel to reel technique where recordings are cut up and then randomly reassembled and overdubbed on to the songs

Some Cutz Up Aggregation is owned and operated by Derrick Daisey, also known as Dj Vitamin D, owner of 3 labels with hundreds of tracks released on over 50 labels worldwide.

Owner Derrick Daisey has been in the dance music business since 1990. His experience includes working at DMC records and Street Sounds for many years in Los Angeles during 1991-1993. He could also be found djing all over LA in the early 90′s at the height of the warehouse rave scene. Up until 2007, Derrick was djing all over the world. He worked for Beatport from February 2007 to October 2008. While most of his time was spent helping labels on Beatport’s accounting site, Baseware, he also provided both customer and product support internally and for labels worldwide.

Since starting Some Cutz Up Aggregation, Derrick has focused on providing honest and simple distribution.

“I was sick and tired of not receiving royalty statements from many of the labels I signed with. Not all labels acted this way but it was the majority for sure. I had no idea what was selling and how much was made. I wanted to provide a better way for artists both established and unknown. I like to be upfront with everyone so there are no surprises. I am one of the few label owners that list all terms for tracks signed on the website. I provide royalty statements on time each quarter and pay all my artists. I wanted to offer the same type of system for labels. Now every label signed up knows exactly how much money they make quarterly. I provide the same exact statements from Beatport and send those to the labels. There is so much talent out there and they need to be exposed on the best sites online”.

Business Hours

Feel free to send us an email using the ‘Contact’ button to the left.

Or call us during normal business hours:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(GMT-07:00) Mountain Time
+ 1 (303) 900-CUTZ